City Council

The elected and appointed officials who serve the City of Waterloo are a dedicated group who put serving the public above all else. The elected officials are committed to providing exceptional citizen service at all times.

City Council Members

Tom Powers, City Council Member Tom Powers, Ward 1 Through 12/31/2017
611 Campbell Ave. Waterloo, IA 50701
Home: (319) 269-1553
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Bruce Jacobs Bruce Jacobs, Ward 2 Through 12/31/2019
Phone: 319-215-8267
820 Wendy Road, Waterloo, IA 50701
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Carolyn Cole, City Council Member Tom Lind, At Large Through 12/31/2017
172 Graceline Blvd., Waterloo, IA 50701
Home: (319) 232-1818
Ron Welper Ron Welper, Ward 5 Through 12/31/2017
1120 West 8th Street, Waterloo, IA 50702
Home: (319) 234-6013
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Bob Greenwood Patrick Morrissey, Ward 3 Through 12/31/2017
824 W. 3rd St.
Home: (319)232-7315
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Steven J. Schmitt
Steven J. Schmitt, At-Large Through 12/31/2019
1910 Kitty Hawk Drive, Waterloo, IA 50701
Home: (319) 610-1938
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Jerome Amos Jr, City Council Member
Jerome Amos Jr, Ward 4 Through 12/31/2019
119 Ricker St. Waterloo, IA 50703
Home: (319) 505-2653
Cell: (319) 961-6829
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Waterloo Ward Map

City Council Agenda

Below is a link to City Council Agenda. Items may have been added that are listed on the official agenda posted at City Hall.

City Agendas
City Meeting Agendas (Click Here)

City Council Minutes
City Council Meeting Minutes - February 6, 2017 (Click Here)
City Council Meeting Minutes - January 23, 2016 (Click Here)
City Council Meeting Minutes - January 17, 2017 (Click Here)

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City Council Broadcast Times
City Council Meetings Can be viewed on Mediacom Channel 15 (digital QAM tuner channel 79.2) At The Following Times
Monday5:30pm (live)8:00pm11:00pm
Tuesday2:30am6:30am9:00am12:00 noon