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Department Individual Phone E-Mail
Airport Keith D. Kaspari, Director 291-4483 info@flyalo.com
Building Inspections Craig Clark, Building Official/Maintenance Administrator 291-4319 craig.clark@waterloo-ia.org
Central Garage Mark Rice, Superintendent 291-4445 mark.rice@waterloo-ia.org
City Attorney David R. Zellhoefer 291-4327 Sharae.Akin@waterloo-ia.org
City Clerk & CATV Suzy Schares, City Clerk 291-4323 suzy.schares@waterloo-ia.org
Code Enforcement Larry Smith, Superintendent Waste Management Services 291-4455 larry.smith@waterloo-ia.org
Community Development Rudy Jones, Director 291-4429 rudy.jones@waterloo-ia.org
Cultural & Arts Kent Shankle, Director 291-4490 museum@waterloo-ia.org
Engineering Eric Thorson, City Engineer 291-4312 city.engineer@waterloo-ia.org
Finance Department Michelle Weidner, Chief Financial Officer 291-4323 michelle.weidner@waterloo-ia.org
Fire Department Pat Treloar, Chief of Fire Services 291-4459 fire.chief@waterloo-ia.org
Housing Authority Julie Snider, Director 233-0201 julie.snider@waterloo-ia.org
Human Resources Suzy Schares, City Clerk/Human Resources Director 291-4303 suzy.schares@waterloo-ia.org
Human Rights Commision Abraham L. Funchess, Jr., Director 291-4441 abraham.funchess@waterloo-ia.org
Library Sheryl McGovern, Director 291-4480 mcgovern.sheryl@gmail.com
Leisure Services Paul Huting, Director 291-4370 paul.huting@waterloo-ia.org
Management Information Systems Matt O'Brien, Director 291-4598 matt.obrien@waterloo-ia.org
Mayor's Office Mayor Buck Clark 291-4301 mayor@waterloo-ia.org
Planning & Zoning Noel Anderson, Director 291-4366 noel.anderson@waterloo-ia.org
Police Department Daniel Trelka, Public Safety Director 291-4340 policechief@waterloopolice.com
Streets Department Mark Rice, Superintendent 291-4445 mark.rice@waterloo-ia.org
Traffic Operations Sandie Greco, Superintendent 291-4440 trafficops@waterloo-ia.org
Waste Management Services Larry Smith, Superintendent 291-4455 larry.smith@waterloo-ia.org
Water Works Dennis Clark, General Manager 232-6280 dennis.clark@waterloo-ia.org

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