Utility Bill & Payment

The utility bill contains charges for water, sewer, garbage, storm water and sometimes yard waste if you have signed up for this service. The water portion of your bill is calculated by applying the current water rate to the actual cubic feet of water usage. There is a minimum charge for water service up to a prescribed quantity. Usage less than this quantity in a three-month period will be charged the minimum charge. Usage more than this quantity is at a rate per 100 cubic feet.

Your water bill is based on meter readings taken once every three months. A meter reader will visit your property at approximately the same time each quarter, which is dependent on the service location within the city. Whenever a meter reader cannot gain access to your meter, the meter reader will leave you a card to record your readings. By reading your own meter and returning the card (or telephone the reading in 24 hours) to us prior to the time your account is billed, your bills will be more accurate. If we cannot obtain an actual meter reading, it will be necessary to estimate your water usage. If you promptly return the self-reading cards left at your home when we can't get readings, you will better protect yourself from over estimates. Accurate meter readings may help detect significant changes in your water usage caused by a water leak. To avoid estimated bill problems, customers with meters in basements can obtain a remote reading device at no charge by calling the Water Works.

If you receive each utility service, your bill will contain itemized charges for water, sewer, garbage, storm water and sometimes yard waste if you have signed up for that service. Water rates are set by the Waterloo Water Works Board of Trustees, while the sewer, garbage, storm water and yard waste rates are set by the City Council of Waterloo. After one full quarter of billing, monthly billing can be requested by calling the Waterloo Water Works office.

You will find that your house or apartment has been provided with a garbage can from the city. If the size of the garbage can provided does not fit your needs, please call the Public Works Facility at 291-4455 to request a size that better meets your needs (small, medium, or large). Yard waste cans are also available at this number for an additional fee. If you have just moved in and discover that you have a yard waste can that you don't want please call the number above and have them pick it up to stop the service and billing at your service address.

Payment Methods

Payment may be made by mail addressed to the Waterloo Water Works at P.O. Box 27, Waterloo, IA 50704, or at our Customer Service Center located on East Third Street between Sycamore and Lafayette Street. The Customer Service Center provides an after hour depository box, a drive-up window and free customer parking for walk-in payments. (The after hours depository box is emptied daily and all payments deposited will be credited to your account the following workday.) You may request electronic payment so that your payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account. You may also drop off your payment at several convenient pay stations located at Hy-Vee Crossroads and Hy-Vee University. Credit card payments can also be made by phone or online.

Payments by credit/debit card and e-check can be made through Invoice Cloud. Just call (855) 282-7625 to pay by telephone or visit www.waterloowater.org to pay your utility bill over the Internet.
*If your service has been disconnected for non-payment or will soon be disconnected, please call the Water Works with the payment information if payment was made through Invoice Cloud so arrangements can be made for reconnecting service or so your account can be updated.

Your bill should be paid in full by the due date. The payment stub should be included with your payment whenever possible. The Waterloo Water Works can discontinue your water service if you do not pay your bill. If you think your bill is wrong, call us immediately. Do no wait until the bill is delinquent.

Finaling Your Water Service
When you wish to close your account with us, we ask that you give us at least a day's notice so that we can read your meter, process and mail your final bill to your new address. Without your request to final the account, we will continue to bill you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account with us, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Information
325 Sycamore Street
Waterloo, IA 50703
Phone: (319) 232-6280
Fax: (319) 232-1962
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm
After Hours: Emergencies or to call in meter readings

Mailing Address
PO Box 27
Waterloo, IA 50704