Contractor Registration

The Waterloo Building Inspection Department offers Residential Contractor Exams for those who want to become a licensed residential contractor with the City of Waterloo.

Exams will be given for one week each month during business hours. Two applicants per day will be scheduled. Exam time is 8:00 am on your designated day. The exam will be given at the Building Department located on the second floor of City Hall.

Select a day of the week that best suits your schedule on the application which can be accessed by clicking the link below. Applications along with the $50 registration fee must be received one week prior to your exam date.

When submitting plans for a commercial plan review, please provide two full sets, signed and sealed.  These will be internally distributed for review between the Building Department, Planning & Zoning, Engineering Department and Fire Marshall’s office.

For new construction, a site plan is required.  For new construction over 5000 square feet, civil plans are required along with SWPPP plans and application.

If the project is a food and or alcohol establishment, please submit a set of construction documents to the Black Hawk County Health Department.  Call 319-291-2413 with questions.

For small commercial remodel projects, digital submittal is permissible to submit via email.