Waterloo Housing Needs Assessment

On December 20, 2021, the Waterloo City Council approved the latest Waterloo Housing Needs Assessment.   

This Housing Needs Assessment uses publicly available and locally provided data to assess the strengths and challenges of Waterloo’s housing market. Particular attention is given to the housing needs of vulnerable populations, including immigrants, seniors, people with disabilities, and people experiencing homelessness. Future housing supply and demand are compared to determine the adequacy of housing stock available for different populations, and recommendations are given for a balanced approach to meeting Waterloo’s housing needs.

You can read the complete and final
Waterloo housing Needs Assessment here.

You can read the
Housing Needs Assessment Appendices here.

INRCOG (The Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments) and city staffed worked on  this most recent Housing Needs Assessment. Prior to this, the last Housing Needs Assessment was completed in 2011.

Prior to it's approval in December, INRCOG  presented a draft assessment to the City Council  during the Work Session on 8-16-2021. You can watch that work session below.

To learn more about INRCOG (The Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments) visit their website at http://www.inrcog.org/