Animal Control Officer




$24.67, WITH $1.00 INCREASE AFTER 6 MO







Patrols and enforces city codes and ordinances, in addition to state codes, regarding animal care and control.  Catches and impounds stray animals and issues written warnings and citations.  Work is performed under the general direction of the Safety and Compliance Director and Public Works Coordinator, but significant leeway is granted for the exercise of independent judgment and initiative.  No supervisory responsibility.

These functions are considered essential for successful performance in this job classification.

  1. Investigates animal control and cruelty complaints; assists the public in resolving animal control problems in their area.
  2. Advises general public of applicable animal control ordinances and issues citations as necessary; appears at court hearings to present evidence and testimony.
  3. Patrols and impounds animals at large; picks up sick, injured or dead domestic animals from streets and roadways; responds to reports of sick/injured or dead wild animals.
  4. Works in cooperation with and responds to assistance calls from law enforcement agencies when animals are involved.
  5. Delivers pets to veterinarians for medical care as necessary.
  6. Drives assigned vehicle and maintains vehicle in good, clean working order.
  7. Investigates animal bites. Enforces and monitors animal quarantines to ensure compliance.
  8. Participates in regular or special training and education programs to gain new ideas and information leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness in performance of duties.
  9. Works outdoors in all weather conditions. Duties require a considerable amount of physical activity; contact with dust, dirt, noise and animals that may have diseases.
  10. Attends meetings and civic events to promote City of Waterloo Animal Control and explain their services.
  11. Compiles reports, performs data entry and completes forms on personal computer using Elements software.
  12. Interacts with citizens and advises residents of city ordinances.
  13. Works independently and with others with minimum supervision.
  14. Practices good public relations and maintains professional composure in all phases of job responsibilities including traumatic incidents and high profile cases.
  15. Attends work regularly at the designated place and time; works on-call as needed to provide evening, weekend and holiday coverage for animal control calls.
  16. Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with City policies, procedures, and OSHA safety rules and regulations.
  17. Performs all other related duties as assigned.
  18. Maintains confidentiality related to all aspects of position.


  1. Knowledge of and ability to apply proper safety precautions to work safely with and around unlicensed, stray and uncontrollable animals.
  2. Knowledge of humane handling, treatment and care of animals; knowledge of symptoms and behavior associated with rabies and other common animal diseases.
  3. Knowledge of and ability to maneuver devices utilized in capturing animals.
  4. Ability to maintain composure when working with animals that may be uncontrollable and dangerous.
  5. Ability to assess animal behavior and make effective decisions regarding handling and capturing animals.
  6. Ability to learn and apply applicable sections of State, City and County codes and ordinances.
  7. Ability to deal with the public in a courteous and tactful manner, especially in times of crisis.
  8. Knowledge of the characteristics and appearances of common breed of dogs, cats and other domestic animals.
  9. Knowledge of basic animal physical well-being; ability to handle all types of animals sometimes under adverse conditions.
  10. Ability to operate a personal computer to enter data or research animal information.
  11. Ability to operate the following equipment and tools - truck or van, rifle, catch pole, live trap and microchip scanner.
  12. Ability to use independent judgment based on well-established standards and procedures in a variety of settings, circumstances and situations.
  13. Ability to plan, organize and complete all job assignments in a timely and efficient manner.
  14. Ability to work cooperatively and to maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, law enforcement, the media, government officials and the public.
  15. Ability to work with people from a broad variety of social, economic, racial, ethnic, cultural and educational backgrounds.


  1. Graduation from high school/GED.
  2. One year experience in animal control or in a closely related field

OR Certification as an animal control officer from a recognized academy or the National Animal Control Association

OR         Any equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform the essential functions of the position.

  1. Experience in the care and handling of animals.
  2. Experience working with the public and in a complaint-oriented work setting.
  3. Computer and data entry experience.
  4. Will be required to obtain/maintain Animal Control Certification from the National Animal Control Association within 6 months of hire.
  5. Iowa Driver's License and good driving record based on City of Waterloo driver performance criteria.

The following physical abilities are required with or without accommodation.

  1. Sufficient vision including color vision, depth perception and peripheral vision in order to identify markings and colors of animals and to chase down and capture stray, uncontrollable or dangerous animals.
  2. Sufficient speech and hearing that permits the employee to respond to questions from the public, law enforcement and coworkers in person, by radio or on the telephone.
  3. Sufficient personal mobility that permits the employee to safely operate a truck, move from one location to another within the City, perform duties related to controlling, capturing and caring for animals.
  4. Sufficient manual dexterity that permits the employee to operate a personal computer, use rifle, catch pole, live trap, and microchip scanner and perform other administrative and technical duties; sufficient coordination to maneuver a net, rope or other devices utilized in the capture of animals.
  5. Sufficient strength and agility to move and control resistant or immobilized animals unassisted.
  6. Ability to run, kneel, bend, crouch, stoop, climb and reach as needed in pursuit of animals. This may entail pursuit through shrubbery, ditches, residential yards, and neighborhoods.
  7. Ability to possess and proficiently use a firearm.
  8. Ability to maintain target practice skills and pass firearms training annually.
  9. Ability to inspect and clean firearm.
  10. Ability to lift 50 pounds.
  11. Ability to lift, pick up, carry, and/or drag injured or deceased animals.
  12. Ability to crawl in confined areas.


  1. Must comply with City of Waterloo Residency Policy for Critical Employees (physically reside within 30-mile radius of Waterloo City Hall - will be given reasonable compliance period as determined by department head). Must maintain a local telephone number in order to be contacted during emergencies.
  2. Following a conditional offer of employment, the City of Waterloo requires a physical examination and a drug test by a physician of the City's choice to determine if an applicant is capable of performing the essential functions of the position.
  3. The City of Waterloo reserves the right to conduct a background investigation including employment and criminal history checks on any applicant being considered for this position.
  4. Must submit to Civil Service examination procedures including a panel interview.

Will be assigned a shift that is 7:00 am – 4:00 pm or 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Will generally work Monday - Friday.  Will be required to respond to emergency calls on weekends, evenings, and holidays.  Occasional overtime as scheduled or needed.  Will be on-call every third week in addition to normal work schedule for emergencies only.

Employees hired in this job classification may be cross-utilized in other City departments in emergency and non-emergency situations as determined by the workload.  Consequently, hours of work, including starting and ending times, work schedule, rest periods, work duties etc. will vary depending on the department to which the employee is assigned.

All qualified candidates who apply by the deadline date will be required to appear before an interview panel consisting of a minimum of three people who have expertise in the areas being tested.  An individual must receive a minimum average score of sixty points out of one hundred to achieve a passing score on the interview.  Applicants will also be required to complete a Personal Safety Questionnaire. The top applicants, as ranked by their scores on the interview and Personal Safety Questionnaire, will be the individuals placed on the certified list.  Applicants who qualify as outlined and are full time regular employees of the City of Waterloo shall have one additional point per full year of employment up to a maximum of five points added to their final score.  Honorably discharged men and women from the armed forces of the United States who qualify per provisions of Chapter 35 of the Code of Iowa and who are citizens and residents of the United States shall have five additional points added to their final score upon submission of their DD214 or ten points added if they were awarded a Purple Heart or have a service connected disability.  Employment is contingent on possession of a good driving record based on City of Waterloo driver performance criteria and passing a post job offer physical and drug test.  Failure to pass these tests will result in withdrawal of the employment offer.

All qualified candidates who apply by the deadline date will be notified of the time, place and date of the oral examination.

Minority, female & disabled individuals are encouraged to apply.

We will accept applications until Friday April 19th at 5pm.