Attorney's Office - Code Enforcement Officer (Part-Time - 19 Hours/week)

DEPARTMENT                                            ATTORNEY’S OFFICE- CODE ENFORCEMENT

SALARY                                                      $20.81

FLSA                                                           NON-EXEMPT

CIVIL SERVICE                                          EXCLUDED

BARGAINING UNIT                                    NON-BARGAINING



Performs assignments related to overall general compliance and enforcement of City ordinances regarding property and public right-of-way within the City limits. The work is performed under the direction of the Code Enforcement Foreman and City Attorney. No supervisory responsibilities.


These functions are considered essential for successful performance in this job classification.

1. Investigates complaints relating to violations of applicable ordinances, including but not limited to parking, vegetation, junk, property maintenance, snow removal and zoning.

2. Resolves code violations informally and by written notification. Files citations in the name of the city with the clerk of court. Prepares evidence, exhibits, reports and testifies at trial.

3. Researches, investigates, secures dilapidated structures and responds to found bike referrals.

4. Assist in the enforcement of court orders, including coordination with Public Works to clean properties.

5. Uses independent judgment to recognize and solve problems as they apply to related City ordinances.

6. Advises members of the public who are seeking information concerning code enforcement compliance.

7. Compiles reports, performs data entry and completes forms on personal computer using the applicable software.

8. Performs work of a repetitive nature and varied workload pace.

9. Works outdoors in all types of weather for extended periods. Working environment may be dry/dusty, slippery/wet, hot/cold. Ground may be uneven with hidden junk, high weeds or other obstructions. May have to contend with unleashed pets.

10. Works independently and with others with minimum supervision.

11. Attends work regularly at the designated place and time.

12. Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with City policies, procedures and OSHA and City safety rules and regulations.

13. Performs all other related duties as assigned.


1. Knowledge of or ability to read, interpret and enforce municipal ordinances relating to public right-of-way, junk vehicles, and private properties.

2. Knowledge of regulatory procedures and practices related to applicable code enforcement issues.

3. Ability to organize records and information through use of a computerized database.

4. Ability to make decisions and recommendations regarding enforcement of related municipal ordinances.

5. Ability to respond to questions from property owners, supervisors, coworkers and elected officials tactfully and in a clear, concise and easily understandable manner.

6. Ability to communicate orally and in writing and maintain effective working relationships with other City departments and employees, City officials, other regulatory agencies and all segments of the public.

7. Ability to work alone or with others.

8. Ability to complete assigned work without direct supervision.

9. Personal computer skills and ability to learn related software applications, enter and retrieve information on a computer, develop computer-generated reports and update records.

10. Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions necessary in code enforcement activities.

11. Ability to work with people from a broad variety of social, economic, racial, ethnic and educational backgrounds.


1. Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in law enforcement, geography, urban planning, public administration, communications, environmental health or closely related field with minimum one year experience dealing with public sector code enforcement (i.e. law enforcement, planning and zoning, building or housing inspections), including experience in public sector conflict resolution


Associate degree in law enforcement or closely related field with minimum three years of experience dealing with public sector code enforcement including public sector conflict resolution


High school graduate/GED with minimum five years of experience dealing with public sector code enforcement including public sector conflict resolution


Any equivalent combination of education and experience that provides the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform the work.

2. Iowa driver’s license and good driving record based on City of Waterloo Driver’s License and Accident Policy. An applicant’s driving record will be reviewed prior to an offer of employment and at least annually after hire.


The following physical abilities are required with or without accommodation.

1. Sufficient strength to perform assigned tasks including but not limited to lifting and carrying up to 40 pounds alone and heavier weights with assistance.

2. Sufficient speech and hearing that permits the employee to communicate effectively with the public, coworkers and other regulatory agencies. Uses hand-held radio and telephone as communication devices.

3. Sufficient personal mobility that permits the employee to operate passenger vehicle (generally a small pickup truck) safely in all types of weather and a variety of street conditions and to inspect properties in all areas of the City in response to violations of applicable ordinances.

4. Sufficient manual dexterity to use hand tools and power tools for maintenance and repair of dilapidated building structures.

5. Sufficient vision to observe properties for possible code violations, take pictures, prepare the appropriate citations and monitor enforced cleanups.

6. Sufficient depth perception, distance and peripheral vision, and hand/eye coordination to safely operate vehicles, hand and powered tools.


1. Must wear personal protective equipment such as safety shoes, safety glasses, safety vest and hearing protection as needed.

2. Following a conditional offer of employment, the City of Waterloo requires a physical examination by a physician of the City's choice including a drug test, to determine if an applicant is capable of performing the essential functions of this job classification.

3. The City of Waterloo reserves the right to conduct a background investigation including employment and criminal history checks on any applicant being considered for this position.

4. This is an “at will” position without civil service or union protections. No health insurance or other benefits.


Schedule will vary day-to-day but will generally be between the hours of 7:00 a.m.-3 p.m. Tuesday-Friday dependent on workload.


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Minority, female & disabled individuals are encouraged to apply.