2022 FYE Budget Departmental Budget

Download detailed FY2018 line item budgets and presentations (PDF):

Airport FY18 Budget
Airport Presentation
Building Inspection FY 18 Budget
Building Presentation
Building-Facilities Maintenance FY 18 Budget
City Attorney FY 18 Budget
City Attorney Presentation
City Attorney-Code Enforcement FY 18 Budget
Clerk Finance FYE18 Budget
Clerk-Finance Presentation
Community Development FYE18 Budget
Community Development Presentation
Cultural & Arts FY 18 Budget
Cultural and Arts Budget Presentation
Engineering FY 18 Budget
Engineering Presentation
Fire FY18 Budget
Fire Presentation
Housing FY 18 Budget
Housing Presentation
Human Resources FY 18 Budget
Human Resources Presentation
Human Rights FY 18 Budget
Human Rights Presentation
IT FY 18 Budget
IT Presentation
Leisure Services FY18 Budget
Leisure Services Presentation
Library FY 18 Budget
Library Presentation
Mayor & Council FY 18 Budget
Mayor's Office Presentation
Park Waterloo Presentation
Parking FYE18 Budget
Planning FY 18 Budget
Planning Presentation
Police FY 18 Presentation
Police FY 18 Budget
Public Works Presentation
Public Works-Central Garage FY18 Budget
Public Works-Sanitation Solid Waste FYE18 Budget
Public Works-Street FY 18 Budget
Traffic Operations Presentation
Traffic-Animal Control FY 18 Budget
Traffic-Animal Control Presentation
Waste Management FYE18 Budget
Waste Management Presentation