Friedl Bakery Building Redevelopment Receives State Historic Tax Credits

After 2+ years of various phases and applications, the Friedl Bakery Building redevelopment project at 300 Commercial St Waterloo is being awarded State Historic Tax Credits. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) released a list of recipients on July 6.

The Friedle Bakery Building redevelopment project, like many others, are only possible with the assistance from not only State/Federal Historic Tax Credits and partnership between the City of Waterloo and private investors Cedar Valley Realestate LLC.  Without these programs, older rundown buildings are in danger of being demolished.  By keeping these 100+ year old buildings intact history is preserved improving the community today 

while preparing for the future. The building transformation has been underway for 7 months with the hopes of having the full renovation complete by October 1st

For more information on the Friedl Bakery Building and other redevelopment opportunities in Waterloo, Iowa, contact Noel Anderson atnoel.anderson@waterloo-ia.orgor by calling 319-291-4366.

The Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program provides a state income tax credit to projects for rehabilitation of historic buildings. The program is designed to promote the retention of unique, character defining buildings and building features that contribute to a community and neighborhood. Rehabilitation must meet the federal Secretary of Interior standards.

Find the IEDA announcement and  full list of funded projects at The Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program is administered by IEDA in partnership with the State Historic Preservation Office. 

For more information on the Historic Preservation and Cultural and Entertainment District Tax Credit program, contact Dan Hansen at 515.348.6212, or visit Media inquiries should be directed to Ms. Kanan Kappelman at or 515.348.6248.