Does Your License Fly?

WATERLOO, IA – Airport officials on Friday received additional guidance from Iowa’s Department of Transportation to advise Iowans to obtain their REAL ID.

Due to COVID-19, the original date of October 1, 2020 to obtain the REAL ID was extended to May 3, 2023.
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From Iowa DOT correspondence received on March 26th, just over 51% of Iowans have received the REAL ID.  Therefore, airports in Iowa are partnering with Iowa DOT’s Aviation Bureau to help get the word out.

Keith Kaspari, Airport Director at Waterloo Regional Airport, provided comment, “With more Iowans receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and more Iowans wanting to travel by air after going through a very challenging COVID period, if Iowan’s do not receive their REAL ID on their Iowa Driver’s License or other Iowa-issued I.D., Iowan’s will not be able to board an aircraft beginning October 1st for either business or leisure travel unless they have a valid Passport or Military I.D.”  

In closing, Kaspari provided additional comment, “Therefore I would strongly encourage all Iowan’s to take the time to secure the REAL ID “Gold Star” soon - on either your Driver’s License or other official U.S. or Iowa DOT-issued Identification, as airport operators are expecting not just a busy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Holiday seasons, but also the CY-2022 Spring Break travel period for both families and students at all Iowa’s Colleges and Universities, including those students from outside Waterloo as this is a National requirement.” 

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 2021_REAL ID_SM-03