RAGBRAI Waterloo hosts informational webinars

WATERLOO, IA (July 6, 2021) Experience Waterloo is announcing two RAGBRAI Waterloo informational webinars via zoom on Friday, July 9th to go through the details of the RAGBRAI overnight stop in Waterloo on July 28, 2021.

Dieter Drake, Director RAGBRAI and Tavis Hall, Executive Director of Experience Waterloo will lead the discussion, with questions welcome in the chat section.

At 3:00pm on July 9th the meeting will be targeted towards businesses and the routes in and out of town, as well as downtown.

At 4:00pm on July 9th the community is invited to join to learn more about the event in general and what it’s like to have RAGBRAI come into town.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFllRqiaP_g&t=911s

Both webinars will include discussion about:

  • The RAGBRAI routes into town on July 28th, and the routes out of town July 29th. This will show street closures for cyclists to get into Waterloo. This will also show how RAGBRAI support vehicles will be routed to campsites.
  • Campground areas and boundaries.
  • Event space boundaries and street closures.

All Waterloo residents are welcome to join these zoom webinars and can ask questions in chat. Both webinars will be recorded and will be accessible for viewing after completed.

To access the web link go to: experiencewaterloo.com/ragbrai and click the “Join Town Hall” button.

For more information about the entire RAGBRAI route go to www.ragbrai.com

Experience Waterloo’s mission is to enhance and promote the Waterloo experience. For more information about Experience Waterloo, visit experiencewaterloo.com.

Tavis Hall  |  Tavis@experiencewaterloo.com

Lindsay Pieters  |  lindsay@experiencewaterloo.com