Mayor Hart Joins Other City Leaders from Across the U.S. in Nonpartisan Coalition Fighting Childhood Hunger

(March 11, 2022)
Today Mayor Hart joins more than 50 other mayors from across the country in a nonpartisan coalition called the Mayors Alliance to End Childhood Hunger, which taps the individual and collective leadership of mayors to take meaningful action to end childhood hunger in cities nationwide.

There is no excuse for children to go hungry in this country. Yet it happens – every day, in every community. In the United States today, nearly 12 million children live in families considered food insecure.

“The health and welfare of our children is most important investment we can make,” says Mayor Hart. “Mayors are problem solvers.  It is what we are called on to do multiple times a day, so when Mayors come together to tackle a challenge like childhood hunger, you know something good is about to happen.”


During the COVID-19 pandemic, state, local and national leaders took urgent action to fight childhood hunger - tactics that worked to stave off greater rates of food insecurity despite the severe economic hardships brought on by the pandemic. The Mayors Alliance will harness the collective expertise of mayors from across the political spectrum to continue driving change at the state and national level.

The Mayors Alliance to End Childhood Hunger is a partner of the national nonprofit Share Our Strength and its No Kid Hungry campaign.

“Mayors have witnessed firsthand the hardship their constituents are facing, and their cities are on the frontlines of responding to the short and long-term impacts of hunger in their communities,” says Lisa Davis, Senior Vice President of Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen mayors address child hunger in a variety of creative ways, like advocating for and strengthening nutrition programs, to creating innovative public-private partnerships and growing awareness of the systemic connections between poverty, racism and hunger.”

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