REAP Grant Announced for Phase II of Waterloo's Greenbelt Lake Improvements

The City of Waterloo Leisure Services has been awarded a grant of $193,890 from Resource Enhancement and Protection commonly referred to as REAP.

REAP invests in projects that enhance and protect the Iowa’s natural and cultural resources.  15% of REAP is set aside for grants to cities/20% is set aside for county conservation boards for projects that help establish natural areas, encourage outdoor recreation and resource management.

The grant money in Phase II of this project will be used for the following amenities to be added around Greenbelt Lake in the Katoski Greenbelt:  20’X28’ shelter, information kiosk, park identification sign, kayak launch, and park entrance sidewalk. 

This project will provide a shelter as a gathering place for park users.  There will also be an education component in this phase of the project informing park users about the history of the site, and the various plant and wildlife species present in the park.  This Phase of the park improvements will tie well into Phase I of this project that included the addition of an accessible fishing pier, improved access points for anglers, 5 acre pollinator planting, handicap parking stalls, and a sidewalk connecting those stalls to the accessible fishing pier. 

In its 33 years, REAP has funded $365 Million worth of projects in every county of the state, leveraging two to three times the amount in private, local and federal dollars.  Collectively, these projects have improved the quality of life for all Iowans with better soil and water quality; added outdoor recreation opportunities; sustained economic development; enhanced knowledge and understanding of our ecological and environmental assets, and preservation of our cultural and historic treasures.

REAP has benefited the Waterloo area greatly over 33 years with previous projects including Phase 1 of the Greenbelt Lake Improvements, Waterloo Boathouse Enhancements, Riverview Recreation Area, Sherwood Park Recreation Area, and numerous recreational trail projects in the Cedar Valley.