Host a Block Party

What is considered a block party?
  • A block party is a gathering held outdoors in a street or other public place, often organized by the people living in the neighborhood.  Block parties are a traditional way for neighbors to come together and socialize. They are beneficial in promoting good will, cooperation, awareness, and safety in the neighborhood, and therefore the City of Waterloo encourages residents to hold block parties.  
  • Approval of a block party is granted to residents of the City of Waterloo who want to block traffic on the residential street they live on for a neighborhood event. 
How do you get approval to host a block party?
  • Planning a block party requires the support of all those who reside on the block within the area that will be closed. Included with the enclosed application is a neighborhood approval petition.
  • The applicant must reside on the block and is responsible for the event, which includes setup and take-down of the barricades, cleanup of the public right-of-way following the event, and maintaining a clear lane for emergency vehicles.
  • Applications must be submitted to the Mayor’s Office fifteen (15) business days prior to the event. This will allow time for the review and approval process by the Public Works, Fire Department and Police Department.  
    • Email:
    • Phone: 319-291-4301
    • Mail:  Mayor's Office  
    • ATTN: Block Parky Application
    • 715 Mulberry Street  Waterloo, IA 50703
  • If the event includes amplified sound, the applicant must complete a Noise Variance application form and submit it to the City Clerk’s Office for City Council approval.  The noise variance must be approved before the applicant can hold the block party.

    Click here to print off the guideline and
    application packet. 

Will you need a noise variance?
  • The City Clerk’s office issues many types of permits and licenses. If you event will be using any any amplifiers, loudspeakers or any other similar device, which shall in any degree magnify the human voice or any other sound, a permit is needed. 
  • An application can be picked up at the City Clerk's office or click here to print one off at your home. 
  • For more information about Noise Variance click here. 

Will you need a road closure?
  • On the application you will list the streets you are asking to be closed. Remember the application must be turned in 15 days prior to the event.
  • Main thoroughfares are not closed for block parties.
  • On the application you will need to notify your neighbors that live on the streets of the street closure. There is a petition for them to sign off on that they are aware that access to their property may be limited during your event.