Greenbelt Lake

Greenbelt lake, (900 Martin Rd) off of HWY 63  is part of the Katoski Greenbelt.  This 19 acre lake offers a perimeter trail, shoreline fishing and bird watching. This lake was created in the early 70's as a borrow pit to supply material for the construction of Waterloo’s levee system.

Thanks to an Iowa Resource Enhancement and Protection Program (REAP) grant, improvements are being made to offer more attractions for park goers to enjoy.


Below is a rendering of the lake once the project is completed.
Greenbelt Lake Phase II Conceptual (002)

Greenbelt pier 3 (002)Phase one is completed which includes the addition of an accessible fishing pier, improved shoreline fishing areas and an ADA walkway from the parking lot.

To the west of the lake,  4 acres of pollinator plants will be planted in the open field. It will include a mix of 52 different flowers and grasses that attract pollination insects and butterflies. It will be one of the local Cedar Valley Monarch Zones backed by the Young Family Foundation.

Greenbelt Lake Phase 2 illustration (002)Park shelters, interpretive panels, and benches are planned for later in this project in phase II scheduled to begin in Summer 2023 thanks to a grant from Resource Enhancement and Protection commonly referred to as REAP.