Riverside Skatepark

In September 2016 the original skatepark located in Exchange Park was destroyed by a major Cedar River flood event. The park had previously been heavily damaged during a 2008 flood.

After nearly 4 years of planning and fundraising the $359,000 skate park is now complete. 

CedarLoo Skatepark Association held fundraising events and contributed $2,000, combined with grants of $100,000 from the Otto Schoitz Foundation and $150,000 from Black Hawk County Gaming Association.  City bond money is being used as match to complete the project.

Spohn Ranch of Los Angeles designed the park and is currently constructing it at a new site near Straub Baseball Fields.  The new site is near the Waterloo Boat House, but protected by a flood control levee, and the new 8,500 sq. ft. park will be approximately 1,000 square ft. larger than the old park.  The new park is more inclusive, designed to accommodate sport wheelchairs and BMX bikes.


Watch  past construction video updates here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3sYufg4WpwFrrKIZcGxERFaopo4paRlR