Mayor Hart Makes Statement in Response to  Tyson Closing Waterloo Plant

“This is the action we have been waiting for,” says Mayor Quentin Hart this morning in response to the Tyson plant closing. "Now we must do everything we can to make sure testing and support are in place and personal precautions are maintained. The virus is here. We must all do what we can to contain it.”

Mayor Hart adds that he understands this was a difficult decision due to the domino effect this will have on the supply chain, but stresses its necessity in order to stop the spread and save lives.

“We are already seeing the impact on our emergency response personnel.  Our EMS department has realized increased call volume of patients exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, as well as increased frequency of transporting patients that have tested positive.

We have had three positive cases at Waterloo Fire Rescue and now one police officer. Yes, I am pleased that Tyson has closed for now, but this is just one piece of the puzzle. Tyson’s closing their plant will prove to be a positive step forward in preparing our community for the flattening the curve.

We must be even more vigilant in our personal protection, staying safe at home and only leaving our homes if absolutely necessary