Residents Encouraged to Return Improperly Used or Unregistered Sanitation Carts

The City of Waterloo’s Public Works Department announces the Radio Frequency Identification Program (RDID Program) is now fully operational for curbside garbage services!

Waterloo’s new system keeps track of every address for the driver, verifying if each cart is serviced. This saves valuable time and resources. Drivers will no longer go back for carts put out late or filled a second time, dump unregistered carts, dump carts belonging to another address, and the system will know if RFID tags are damaged or tampered with. In addition, this new RFID system can detect if an address has the wrong cart, too many carts, carts not being paid for, carts at the wrong address, etc. 

Effective July 19th, 2022 account holders may be fined for the following issues:

  • for using wrong carts
  • for using an unregistered cart
  • for using the wrong size cart
  • tampering with RFID tags                                                            

However, the City is granting a 30 day amnesty period for residents to return unregistered carts with no penalty.  

After August 17th, 2022 offenders will receive the following fines:

  • First offense - $250.00
  • Subsequent offenses - $500.00

 There is now a $20.00 “go back fee” charged to residents who request drivers to return to dump a cart that was not out on time, overloaded, or blocked.

Cart SwappingLandlords are encouraged to check the carts at their properties and communicate this information to tenants.

“Please avoid fines,” states Randy Bennett, Public Works Director. “Do not use carts that are not registered to your address and billing account. If you have a cart you are unsure of, please contact our office immediately at 319-291-4455 to confirm it is registered accurately.”

To avoid fines, residents and property owners may return any carts are not registered to the user or property during the amnesty period to Waterloo Public Works, 625 Glenwood St, Waterloo, IA. Carts turned in by August 17th will NOT receive a penalty/fine.

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